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Projects & Members
The individual research topics and planned research are outlined as follows:
A01: Frontier explorations in nanomaterials science
A02: Functional design and search through nanostructural information synthesis
A03: Innovation of new materials through nanostructure design

The organizational framework is designed to encourage collaboration between experimentalists and theorists, and the research team leaders take responsibility for collaborative research involving experimental and theoretical approaches.

This research project will evolve nanomaterials science, establish methods of its application, and create common concepts and infrastructure for researchers to collaborate over the boundaries of specific research fields. Young researchers who will inherit this foundation will be fostered, and measures for sharing scientific foundations with researchers domestically and internationally will be taken, for example through conferences.

Project Leader
Isao TANAKA (Kyoto University)

Katsuyuki MATSUNAGA (Nagoya University)
Naoya SHIBATA (The University of Tokyo)
Shunsuke MUTO (Nagoya University)

Isao TANAKA (Kyoto University)
Hiromichi OHTA (Hokkaido University)

Ryoji KANNO(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Satoru TAKAKUSAGI (Hokkaido University)