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研究項目A01 ナノ材料科学のフロンティア開拓

A01(ア)計画研究 ナノ構造解析のフロンティア開拓

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A01(イ)計画研究 ナノ機能元素解析のフロンティア開拓

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A01(ウ)計画研究 ナノ電子状態解析のフロンティア開拓

  1. I. Sugiyama, Y. Kim, S. Jesse, E. Strelcov, A. Kumar, A. Tselev, E. K. Rahani, V. B. Shenoy, T. Yamamoto, *N. Shibata, Y. Ikuhara, and *S. V. Kalinin, “Spatially-resolved mapping of history-dependent coupled electrochemical and electronical behaviors of electroresistive NiO,”Scientific Reports, 4, 6725(2014).
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A01公募研究(一杉) 酸化物表面における特異なナノ構造の超高分解能STM測定

  1. Ikutaro Hamada, Ryota Shimizu, Takeo Ohsawa, Katsuya Iwaya, Tomihiro Hashizume, Masaru Tsukada, Kazuto Akagi, and *Taro Hitosugi, “Imaging the evolution of d-states at a strontium titanate surface”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136, 17201–17206 (2014).
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A01公募研究(高橋) スペクトロスコピックX線回折イメージングによるナノスケールX線吸収分光

  1. R. Xu, H. Jiang, C. Song, J. A. Rodriguez, Z. Huang, C.-C. Chen, D. Nam, J. Park, M. Gallagher-Jones, S. Kim, S. Kim, A. Suzuki, Y. Takayama, T. Oroguchi, Y. Takahashi, J. Fan, Y. Zou, T. Hatsui, Y. Inubushi, T. Kameshima, K. Yonekura, K. Tono, T. Togashi, T. Sato, M. Yamamoto, M. Nakasako, M. Yabashi, T. Ishikawa, *J. Miao, "Single-shot 3D structure determination of nanocrystals with femtosecond X-ray free-electron laser pulses," Nat. Commun., 5 14061 (2014).

A01公募研究(王) 転位配列制御による局在量子構造の材料設計と大容量化

  1. K. P. McKenna, F. Hofer, D. Gilks, V. K. Lazarov, C. L. Chen, *Z. C. Wang, and Y. Ikuhara, “Atomic Scale Structure and Properties of Highly Stable Antiphase Boundary Defects in Fe3O4”, Nature Communications 5, 5740−1−8 (2014)
  2. *Z. C. Wang, M. Saito, K. P. McKenna, and Y. Ikuhara, “Polymorphism of Dislocation Core Structures at the Atomic Scale”, Nature Communications 5, 3239−1−7 (2014)

研究項目A02 ナノ構造情報シンセシスによる機能設計・探索

A02(エ)計画研究 ナノ構造情報に基づいた機能探索

  1. *A. Seko, T. Maekawa, K. Tsuda and I. Tanaka, “Machine learning with systematic density-functional theory calculations: Application to melting temperatures of single- and binary-component solids,” Physical Review B, 89[5] 054303 (2014)
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A02(オ)計画研究 高圧・高温プロセスを利用した新しい構造―機能相関の探求

  1. *R. Ishikawa, A. R. Lupini, S. D. Findlay, T. Taniguchi, and S. J. Pennycook, “Three-dimensional location of a single dopant with atomic precision by aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy”  Nano Letters, 14 1903 (2014).
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A02(カ)計画研究 原子層制御による新しい材料機能探索

  1. *S. Haindl, M. Kidszun, S. Oswald, C. Hess, B. Büchner, S. Kölling, L. Wilde, T. Thersleff, V. V. Yurchenko, M. Jourdan, H. Hiramatsu, and H. Hosono, “Thin film growth of Fe-based superconductors: from fundamental properties to functional devices. A comparative review” Rep. Prog. Phys. 77 [4], 046502 (2014). (2014.4.2)
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A02公募研究(永田) ナノ構造情報解明のためのデータ駆動型アルゴリズム開発

  1. H. Takenaka, K. Nagata, T. Mizokawa and M. Okada, “Model selection of NiGa2S4 triangular lattice by Bayesian inference”, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 83, 124706 (2014).

A02公募研究(鹿島) 機械学習に基づく材料探索技術の開発

  1. 岩瀬智亮,世古敦人,*鹿島久嗣,“マルチタスク学習を用いた複数物性値の同時予測”, 信学技報 113, 9-13 (2014).[査読なし]
  2. *R. Tomioka, T. Suzuki, K. Hayashi, and H. Kashima, “Low-rank tensor denoising and recovery via convex optimization,” In J. Suykens, M. Signoretto, & A. Argyriou (editors), Regularization, Optimization, Kernels, and Support Vector Machines, 313-336, Chapman and Hall/CRC (2014).

A02公募研究(本多) 効率的な材料探索のための実験計画法の開発

  1. *J. Honda and A. Takemura, "Optimality of Thompson Sampling for Gaussian Bandits Depends on Priors," AISTATS2014, JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings 33, 375-383 (2014).

A02公募研究(志賀) 材料設計における効率的スクリーニングのための機械学習法

  1. *M. Shiga, V. Tangkaratt, M. Sugiyama, “Direct Conditional Probability Density Estimation with Sparse Feature Selection”, Machine Learning, 2015.(採択、オンライン版DOI 10.1007/s10994-014-5472-x)
  2. *M. Shiga, H. Mamitsuka, “Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Auxiliary Information on Overlapping Groups”, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 27[6], 1615-1628, 2015.

A02公募研究(竹内) 統計的機械学習と第一原理計算に基づくプロトン伝導体の効率的探索

  1. H. Sasaki, I. Takeuchi, M. Okada, R. Sawada, K. Kanie, Y. Kiyota, H. Honda, *R. Kato. "Label-Free Morphology-Based Prediction of Multiple Differentiation Potentials of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Early Evaluation of Intact Cells," PLoS ONE, 9 e93952 (2014).
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A02公募研究(池野) インフォマティクスに基づく固体光学結晶材料の設計

  1. 池野豪一,*溝口 照康,「第一原理計算の基礎とEELS計算への応用」,顕微鏡51号,in print (2015). [査読なし]
  2. *Hidekazu Ikeno, “Ab-initio Multiplet Calculations of Fe-L2,3X-ray Absorption Spectra in LiFePO4 and FePO4”, Mater. Trans. accepted (4 pages) (2015).

研究項目A03 ナノ構造デザインに基づく新しい材料創製

A03(キ)計画研究 耐環境性セラミックス材料のナノ構造制御と材料創製

  1. *T. Ogawa, A. Kuwabara, C.A.J. Fisher, H. Moriwake, K. Matsunaga, K. Tsuruta, S. Kitaoka, "A density functional study of vacancy formation in grain boundaries of undoped a-alumina," Acta Mater., 69, 365–371 (2014).
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A02(ク)計画研究 ナノ構造情報に基づいた新しい固体イオニクス材料の創出

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